Dr. George Katsiafikas was struggling with keeping an accessible, well-organized site that he could easily feed new material into, plus the views of the site were dwindling and not being indexed by search engines.

I worked with him to turn his long collection of writings into blog entries with relevant keywords, page descriptions, give each file descriptive titles, clean up his page's headers, add alt text to images, and package everything together into a beautiful and easily readable site. You can view the end result here.
As part of the project, I created a new section of the website regarding Art and The Eros Effect.
Also designed a book cover for Dr. Katsiafikas' latest book, 'The Self-Destruction of Sri Lanka'
"Not only has it been a pleasure to work with Renata, but her level of expertise and professionalism is truly remarkable. She has helped to redesign my website and helped me individually to organize my own writings. In this short note, I cannot possibly go into great detail. I conclude by saying that you will truly be lucky if you have the opportunity to work with Renata."

- George Katsiaficas, PhD
Site Design


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